B&A Mini Digger Ltd are the North East distributor for the Yanmar construction, Ammann compaction and Cormidi tracked dumper ranges.


Vibratory Plates

Six forward-moving vibratory plate models provide a solution for virtually all jobsite challenges with a machine frame that enables secure grip. Helps the operator control the machine, even in difficult spaces and confined areas

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New & used sales Ammann Heavy Tandem Rollers North East
Heavy Tandem Rollers

The new generation of Ammann ARX 90 and ARX 110 articulated tandem rollers brings to the market a novel design for asphalt compactors.

New & used sales Ammann Light Tandem Rollers North East
Light Tandem Rollers

Our compact ARX tandem vibratory rollers are tailor-made for assignments on smaller and medium-sized sites in the road building, garden construction and landscaping sectors. Whether for laying work on blacktop or for compacting un-bonded layers, the ARX rollers offer proven compaction efficiency and effectiveness.

New & used sales Ammann Single Drum Rollers North East
Single Drum Rollers

The extraordinary safety, excellent compaction performance and modern design guarantee high efficiency and best results under even the toughest working conditions. High compaction quality and minimal number of passes provide the best economic benefit to the owner.

New & used sales Ammann Rigid Tandem Rollers North East
Rigid Tandem Rollers

The new ARP 95 tandem roller is a step into a new level of comfort, pleasure and safety for compaction machines. Excellent visibility from the machine thanks to the absence of a solid dashboard, a 360 degree rotatable working station, and an ''off contour'' sliding work station provides the best all around survey.

New & used sales Ammann Pneumatic Tyred Rollers North East
Pneumatic Tyred Rollers

The new generation of Ammann pneumatic tyred rollers has been developed on the basis of the latest findings about the compaction of bituminous asphalt layers and natural soils. The modern roller design provides 1 x 1 m visibility in front of the roller and behind it.

New & used sales Ammann Walk Behind Rollers North East
Walk Behind Rollers

Unique, versatile and economical, the ARW 65 walk-behind vibratory roller is suitable for both soil compaction and asphalt application. Two performance levels are available by simply adjusting the amplitude. The machine is powered by a high-capacity Hatz engine.

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New & used sales Ammann Rammers North East

The Ammann range of rammers offer the highest performance, operator comfort and economic viability for every application. These rammers can be operated under the toughest conditions in trench compaction work, back filling or on patch work on roads, even in the most confined areas.

  • Elastically supported guide handle for fatigue-free operation
  • Additional rollers and grips for easy loading and unloading
  • Sure-grip, vibration-insulated guide handle
  • Corrosion-free fuel tank
  • Powerful and robust single-spring system
  • Easily accessible recoil starter
  • Throttle adjustment with automatic idle
  • Integrated, super-sized fine mesh air filter, easy to clean
  • Robust crank drive
  • Wear-resistant ramming shoe made of high-quality plastic with integrated steel plate
New & used sales Ammann Trench Rollers North East
Trench Rollers

Rammax were the inventors of the trench roller product and as such are able to look back on more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of this type of equipment. Trench rollers, also called multi-purpose compactors, perform well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be very difficult to compact. The Trench Rollers 1575 and 1585 are able to overcome the high moisture content in clays through their extreme compaction energy and the kneading effect of their padfoot drums.

  • No hand arm vibration during operation when using the remote control system
  • Safe operation from a distance and visual contact is ensured at all times (infra-red remote control)
  • Centralised lifting hook (RW 1585)
  • Even distribution of compaction forces
  • Straight line compaction technology (SCT)
  • Modern, clearly arranged control panel (includes fault finding diagnostics)

"The whole compaction range is available from B&A Mini Digger Ltd. Equipment such as; vibratory plates, trench rollers, rammers and add on compactors are classed as Light Equipment. With the tandem, single drum and pneumatic tyre rollers falling under the soil and asphalt compactors category. "

Andy Rosethorn
New & used sales Ammann Vibratory (or Wacker) Plates North East
Vibratory (or Wacker) Plates

Ammann aims to offer users all the benefits of modern technology, in line with constantly changing requirements on construction sites. The focus is on people: alongside high performance and efficiency, user-friendliness is a key factor in our machines.
More than 15 years ago, we broke new ground by developing hydraulically-driven vibratory plates. Nowadays Ammann is numbered among the leading providers in this equipment category.

  • Simple to handle with universal application possibilities
  • Additional rollers and grips for easy loading and unloading
  • Highly manoeuvrable thanks to continuous hydraulic forward/reverse running, including spot vibration
  • Closed, collapsible upper frame to protect the functioning parts, ensuring easy access for maintenance work
New & used sales Ammann Add On Compactors North East
Add On Compactors

The add on compactors ACA complement the reliable compaction machines of Ammann. The compactors are easy to fit to any excavator boom within seconds by means of a hydraulic quick coupling systems. These machines enable effective utilization of excavator capacity and offer potential for a rational use of machinery and personnel.

  • Hydraulic fast-coupling system
  • Rotating motor
  • Narrow upper structure for ideal lateral freedom of movement
  • High compaction output even on difficult terrain

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Cormidi Dumpers

After long testing and optimization, our machines are being continuously improved to offer you the best solution for your work. Our machines have the best efficiency and performance in the market.